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Gilsonite powder supplier dubai

Gilsonite powder supplier uae

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Weight 25 kg




85.00 AED

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Gilsonite, also known as Natural Bitumen is used in more than 160 products, primarily in dark-coloured

printing inks and paints, oil well drilling muds and cements, asphalt modifiers, foundry sand additives, and

a wide variety of chemical products. A common application of Gilsonite is in bitumen blending.


Test Limits Test Limits

Ash Content (wt%) <5 <10 <15 ASTM-D 3174

Moisture Content (wt%) <3 <3 <3 ASTM-D 3173

Solubility in CS2 (%) 92-99 82 76 ASTM-D 4

Fixed Carbon 27-35 27-35 27-35 ASTM-D 3172

Specific Gravity, 25°C 1.06 1.06 1.11 ASTM-D 3289

Softening Point, °C 160-180 160-180 170-220 ASTM-D 36

Sulphur (wt%) <5 <5 <5 ASTM-D 1552

When it comes to Gilsonite Powder, it is categorized on the basis of Ash Contents and the Mesh Size. Gilsonite was formed by a unique geologic event millions of years ago that caused a proto-petroleum

deposit forming at that time to fill large surface cracks, later solidifying into the pure resinous rock mined

today. Gilsonite is hand-mined in underground shafts using pneumatic jack hammers.

The Mesh Size needs to be informed to the supplier when placing the order which can be 30, 40, 100, 200,


It is shipped in the following packing:

1. Palletized 25 Kg Bags

2. Jumbo Bags of 1 MT or 1.25 MT

3. 25 Kg Bags placed inside Jumbo Bags.


Tipon Construction chemicals www.tipon.store


Dream Home Innovation fze

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Additional information

Weight 25 kg





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