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Polybit’s 4mm plastifelt bitumen sheet offers durable and reliable waterproofing solutions

Thickness 4mm

  • Excellent resistance to positive water & vapor pressure
  • Good dimensional stability under tension
  • Good flexibility. Can accommodate structural movements
  • Resistant to water borne chemicals

Additional information

131.04 AED

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Bitumen Sheet Plastifelt (Polybit)

bitumen sheet plastifelt 4mm polybit, brand : polybit, made in UAE

Plastifelt is a polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, manufactured from a mixture of bitumen and selected polymers, which are blended together to obtain good waterproofing properties. The bitumen compound also exhibits high heat and UV resistance properties. The polymerized bitumen is coated on to a dimensionally stable reinforcement core of non woven glass fibre carrier.

Field of Application

Plastifelt is used as waterproofing membrane on the
following structures:
– inverted roofs & parapets
– terraces, balconies & patios
– sunken slabs
– bridges & tunnels
– airport aprons & ramp areas
Plastifelt membranes in tropical regions can also be used
for waterproofing of below ground concrete structures like:
– concrete foundations & footings.
– basements
– pile heads
– swimming pools & water retaining structures (externally)

Application Instruction

The application temperature should be between 5°C to 55°C. Application procedures may vary depending on site conditions. The general recommended guidelines for the application of the waterproofing system is as follows:

Surface preparation
The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all contaminants like dust, traces of curing compound, oil and grease. All surface imperfections, protrusions, structurally unsound and friable concrete must be removed and repaired with a suitable Polycrete* concrete repair mortar.

Apply Polyprime SB*(Solvent based primer) @ 4-6 m²/L to a clean smooth and dry surface by brush, roller or spray. Allow the primer to dry prior to the application of the membrane. As the viscosity of the primer is low, it easily penetrates into the concrete pores which promotes adhesion between the membrane and the concrete surface. In addition to that the primer also acts as a binder for the dust particles which gets accumulated on the concrete surface even after cleaning



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